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Individual Financial Services

Appomattox Wealth Management provides individual financial services for each client, through a custom tailored financial plan that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Investment Advisory Services through LPL Financial

With an advisory relationship with Appomattox Wealth Management, you pay an annual fee (usually a percentage of assets under management) for the services and product-neutral investment advice you receive, rather than paying per transaction in your account. Because the fee is a percentage of your overall account value, as your account value rises or falls, your advisor’s compensation rises and falls with it. In an advisory relationship, you and your financial advisor are on the same side of the table, working toward a common goal.

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Financial Planning through LPL Financial

At Appomattox Wealth Management, we want to help you plan for your overall financial goals, incorporating all aspects of your life. Our financial planning services may incorporate collaboration with your accountant, attorney, or others, and will take into consideration your comprehensive financial plan, up to and through retirement.

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Estate Planning

An estate plan is a map of how you want your personal and financial affairs to be handled in the future. An effective estate plan can help ensure that your family’s financial needs will be taken care of, and that your personal wishes will be carried out in the manner you intended. An estate plan is a critical part of your overall financial plan.

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Retirement Planning

We all have our dreams – of career or family now and a comfortable retirement later. But realizing those retirement dreams takes foresight, planning and a serious investment in the future. At Appomattox Wealth Management, we help you create, establish and pursue your individual retirement goals, with the goal to live worry-free today for a more successful retirement later.

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Legacy Planning

At Appomattox Wealth Management, our legacy planning services take into account your individual goals, and may include leveraging assets for your financial estate. We want to help take the burden off you, so your children and grandchildren can enjoy the fruits of your labor many years into the future.

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Retirement Income Solutions

It is often a complex algorithm to calculate how much income you will want or need in retirement. At Appomattox Wealth Management, we are here to help navigate those waters. We will show you retirement solutions that can help stretch your dollars seeking a happier, more worry-free retirement.

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College Education Funding

The cost of college education is ever-rising, and saving early and often can help you meet those college costs for your children and grandchildren. There are many college savings vehicles to consider, and we will help you find the best college funding strategy for your individual situation.

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Life, Disability & Long-Term Care Insurance

Insurance is one of the best ways to protect your family and your future. You work hard now to provide for your loved ones if a tragedy were to occur. At Appomattox Wealth Management, we offer life, disability and long-term care insurance to help minimize any financial and emotional impact to your family.

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